Quincy in a Day: Presidential History a “T” Stop from Boston
This mother-daughter team is traveling again! Recently, when Gretchen visited Emilie, now living in the Boston area, they made an excursion to the historic town of Quincy, MA, the home of presidents John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams. Quincy is only a 20-minute “T” ride south of Boston, and its historic sites can be enjoyed in the course of a day . . .

Whining, Dining, and Realigning
“Humor is our way of defending ourselves from life’s absurdities by thinking absurdly about them.” (Lewis Mumford, 1895–1990) Yesterday, I decided to be an upright and selfless American by giving blood. Today, I am paying for my constant dieting by swirling in a dizzy fit every time I stand up. If I don’t put enough food in my mouth, my stamina goes out the window. If I do put enough food in my mouth, my waistline and thighs increase by roughly an inch. Absurdly impossible. A few weeks ago, my husband declared a date night, and we descended upon Pub 34 in a frenzied rush to watch the Saints and Cowboys football playoff game . . .

Excerpt from Letters to Sam: ”Make the Container Bigger”
In 2006, Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, Philadelphia psychotherapist, columnist, radio personality, and author, published Letters to Sam: A Grandfather’s Lessons of Love, Loss, and the Gifts of Life. Dr. Gottlieb and Sterling Publishing have graciously granted Empty Nest permission to reprint a chapter from the book. In “Make the Container Bigger,” Dr. Dan shares how facing adversity builds resilience—something we all need. And, expanding our capabilities and experiences (“making the container bigger”) can also help us build resilience. Gottlieb (a quadriplegic due to a freak accident years ago) wrote the book for his autistic grandson. It was a beautiful gesture, passing wisdom from one generation to the next—but the lessons he imparts benefit readers of all ages . . .

Winter Verse
Two intriguing seasonal poems by Canadian Free Press “Poet in Residence” William Bedford: “Vampire Season” and “Saint of Hearts” . . .

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