Review of Happiness Surrounds You, by Jeremy Lifsey
When Jerry (Jeremy) Lifsey wrote Happiness Surrounds You: The Stamp Booklet Guide to Happiness, he had our happiness in mind. His had already found his—through his stamps and his grandchildren (who contributed essays to the book). A lifelong stamp collector, Lifsey boasts one of the largest private collections in the world. According to Robert E. Lamb, executive director of the American Philatelic Society (1994–2006) and former assistant secretary of state, “To Jerry, every stamp booklet opens the door for his reflective and inquisitive mind to explore new aspects of our world. He shows us how each booklet opens its own avenue to happiness. The reader will find his formula contagious.” I couldn’t agree more. At first, though, I had to be convinced

A Cat Named Monkey: For All the Moms (Who Need to Let Go)
In a blink of an eye, she changed from a baby clinging to my leg to a young adult leaving home for college. She was happy and excited, and I was dying inside. How could I ever let go of her hand? How could I watch her walk away? Wasn’t she going to need me if she got sick? Wasn’t she going to miss home and want me to make her feel safe? But she did let go of my hand and she did walk away. And I was the one who got sick. I was the one who no longer felt safe without her.

A Clearer Picture: Alleviating Fears of Colonoscopy
I know the benefits of early detection, and chances are that you do, too. I am lucky enough to speak to and spend time with loved ones who have benefited from the early detection of serious ailments such as cancer. An abundance of reference material, word of mouth, and professional medical recommendations are increasingly easy to come by. Yet many people are still hesitant to go through with or even schedule a test as standard and safe as a colonoscopy.

Hat Lost and Found
This is the story of a lost hat that led to an interesting afternoon. How I lost my hat in Delhi, India, is an exciting story, but I think you may be more interested in how I replaced it. As someone who has worn many hats, I was not to go bare headed for long. The sun in Delhi shines brightly 340 days a year and didn’t let me forget one purpose of a hat. The bald spot that shines brightly in snapshots reminded me of another purpose.

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